How To

Felting Rayon Chenille

June 05, 2016

Machine version Place your garment in the washing machine (not recommended for front loading washers) with enough warm water to cover well. Add a bit of fabric softener. Wash on the delicate cycle for two minutes and spin out on the regular cycle which takes out more water. Put in the dryer on the hot cycle with a towel and dry completely. Hand version (recommended for people with front loading washers) Place your garment in warm water in a bowl and work it gently for several minutes. Gently squeeze out the water, roll in a towel and press out as much...

Knitting Tips

June 05, 2016

When creating a diagonal line you will need more length than when knitting a vertical line. This can change the shape of a garment. You can solve this problem by knitting the first or last stitch twice. Just leave the knitted stitch on the right needle and knit it again. It creates a small chain and will give you that little extra distance.

Washing and Blocking

June 05, 2016

Our yarns are all dyed in water so you can also wash them in water. We do not recommend dry cleaning any of our yarns. Place your garment in a bowl of lukewarm water with a small amount of ph neutral soap like Dove Clear or Ivory if washing. If there is any bleeding add a bit of vinegar. Make sure your garment is totally wet and let it sit for a few minutes. You may add a bit of fabric softener to the last rinse. Squeeze the excess water out, roll in a large towel and press, or spin out...